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Beach on Sanibel Island
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How The Sanibel Captiva Guide Started

Nick Adams Photography Sanibel

Nick and Lori Adams have run a successful wedding & beach portrait photography business on Sanibel Island since March of 2000. Fast forward exactly 20 years to March of 2020. COVID-19 came into everyone’s life. In a very short time, lives would be changed forever. Restaurants, hotels, resorts, and photography businesses all had to temporarily close. The very infrastructure that supported the island’s economy was decimated. People were encouraged to quarantine. People were very nervous about the uncertain times ahead. Check out this clip from our podcast to hear more!

Sanibel Island Beaches

This is where Nick and Lori came in. People were upset about having to cancel their trips to the islands. Nick decided to share a little Sanibel sunshine. He uploaded a short video of the stunning beaches taken with his drone. It was time-stamped, narrated, and posted on the forums for all to see. The video was shared repeatedly!

Well, that was the start. The response was so positive to this first video that when Nick Adams Photography temporarily closed its doors due to the pandemic, Nick and his wife Lori embarked on a mission to make videos and share them with people, simply to share the mutual love of the islands. The response was amazing! People all over the USA and all over the world reached out! The Adamses received moving emails, private personal stories, and messages of support. Nick Adams Photography of Sanibel turned their talents to create 45 films in the 55 days that COVID-19 kept their business closed. Narrated films showed the beaches and resorts on the Islands, the best places to visit, and historical places, thanks to Lori’s tireless research.

Our Very First Video

Sanibel Travel Guide

Then came “The Sanibel Captiva Guide.” Once the photography business resumed, Nick and Lori found they missed making the films and sharing them with people. The main mission of the website is to share the love, beauty, and history of the glorious islands of Sanibel & Captiva and surrounding areas. They want to help anyone planning a visit and to remind people why they should come back. Lastly and most importantly they want to share the islands with people who cannot make it here. Nick Adams Photography is the main sponsor of this page. Without the business, Nick and Lori would not be able to follow this passion project.

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Nick & Lori

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“Hi Nick, your videos are the one sure deep breath I’m getting to take these days … Being up here in Jersey is always tough as I’d ALWAYS rather be somewhere on Sanibel/Captiva … but the smile that happens with your “flights” has been a genuine joy.”

— Paul S.
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