Timeshares, Cheeseburgers, and Flight: Don Abbott on Sanibel

Check out our latest podcast, Timeshares, Cheeseburgers, and Flight: Don Abbott on Sanibel, where we are again chatting with Don Abbott. (Make sure to check out part 1) Don has held many titles and roles in his over 40 years here on Sanibel. One of many being a timeshare salesman for one of the early pioneers of timeshare. He was also instrumental in the creation of Cheeburger Cheeburger, which has since become a national chain. Listen to hear how the islands have changed, and how they’ve stayed the same. He has infinite fun stories and keeps us laughing the whole way through! We recently talked to his daughter Liz who gave us some awesome insight about growing up as an islander. Click HERE to see that episode!

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