Andy Rosse Lane is the main street on Captiva Island. It is packed full of great and brightly colored restaurants with nightly live music, historic buildings, and numerous eclectic stores and art galleries. The houses on Andy Rosse Lane are also impressive and, at the furthest point, the lane opens up onto glorious sand – a perfect place to watch the sunset! Start your adventures on Andy Rosse Lane!

Who Was Andy Rosse?

Andy Rosse Lane, the main street of Captiva Island, is known for its colorful restaurants, unique stores, and beautiful homes. A hotbed of activity, it is an attraction to visitors worldwide. Andy Rosse was an Englishmen born in 1903. He moved to Tampa at age 16 and became a fisherman. With his wife Dessa in tow, he moved to Captiva Island in 1926  and started working as a fishing guide for the ‘Tween Waters Inn. In 1940 he purchased his own dock which was fondly known as “Andy’s Fishing Pier”.

When Andy purchased his pier, he partnered with local conservationist J.N “Ding” Darling to move the Captiva General Store away from his dock and to the location, it remains today at the top of his namesake lane. Andy then opened a restaurant and waterfront saloon which was very popular, a commercial fish house, and was the only place where mail could be posted and received. He was a popular man around town! His dock is now the McCarthy’s Marina.

Andy Rosse on Sanibel
Andy's Fishing Pier on Captiva Island

McCarthy’s Marina

11401 Andy Rosse Lane, Captiva Island, FL 33924

Visit McCarthy’s Marina Website

After Andy Rosse had put the marina on the map as a place for parties, good food, and great times, it was purchased by the McCarthy Family. Paul McCarthy started Captiva Cruises in 1986. The marina is a full-service marina that is proud to carry on the historical legacy left by And Rosse and, Captiva Cruises offers many interesting tours and charter captain services.

Captiva Cruises on Captiva Island
Andy's Fishing Pier on Captiva Island

The Historical Island Store

11500 Andy Rosse Lane, Captiva Island, FL 33924

Hours of operation:
9am – 6pm Sunday to Thursday
9am – 8pm Friday & Saturday

At the top of Andy Rosse Lane sits the historical Island Store. The store is 105 years old and throughout its history has been a beauty parlor, a dormitory for the young men of the prestigious Snyder School, a restaurant, a hurricane shelter, an architect’s office, a polling station, and a rumored brothel! Now the Island Store is there for all your day-to-day conveniences. There is also a deli counter and fresh coffee. The Island store was recently purchased by long-time Island entrepreneurs, the Bailey’s.

captiva island store on captiva island
Vintage island store pic

The World Famous Bubble Room

15001 Captiva Dr, Captiva, FL 33924

Visit The Bubble Room Website

Hours of Operation:
Lunch: 11:30-3:00pm
Dinner: 4:30-9:00pm
7 days a week

Opposite the Historical Island Store is the world-famous eatery The Bubble Room! Opened in 1979 in the front room of the Farqhuarson family home, The Bubble Room is a Captiva institution. It is known for its quirky and whimsical decorations including old toys, 1930’s & 40’s decor, memorabilia, moving trains, and an entire Christmas-themed room! With great food and incredible desserts, this family-friendly, vibrant and eclectic place caters to everyone’s taste. Don’t miss the signature dishes such as favorites as Socra cheese, Bubble Bread, Carolina Moons, Tarzan and Eddie Fisherman!

Captiva Gift Shop
Christmas on Captiva
Bubble Room Lights

The Mucky Duck

1156 Andy Rosse Lane, Captiva, FL 33924
Visit the Mucky Duck Website

Hours of Operation:
Lunch: 11:30-3:00pm
Dinner: 5:00-9:30pm
7 days a week

The final historical establishment on Andy Rosse Lane is The Mucky Duck. Built in 1924 as a dressing room for Captiva’s Fisherman’s Lodge, it soon became a residential building and home to James and Signe Wightman. In 1927 the Wightman’s turned their home into a restaurant called the “Gulf View Inn”. The inn operated from 1931 – 1946. Following multiple owners, The Mucky Duck opened with parts of the original building intact in 1976. It is known for its good food, great beer selection but most of all, outstanding views of the sunset.

old picture of Mucky Duck
Mucky Duck for sunset on Captiva
mucky duck sunset view

Wine & Dine on Andy Rosse Lane

RC Otter’s Island Eats
11506 Andy Rosse Lane, Captiva, FL 33924

Hours of Operation:
8am – 10pm daily

Visit RC Otter’s Website

RC Otter’s Island Eats, casual family-friendly food and atmosphere, open breakfast, lunch and dinner. Great selection of beer on tap.

Keylime Bistro
11509 Andy Rosse Lane, Captiva, FL 33924

Hours of Operation:
8am – 10pm daily

Visit the Keylime Bistro Website

Keylime Bistro, award-winning island fare, with full liquor license. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with live music day and night

Sunshine Seafood Café And Wine Bar
11508 Andy Rosse Lane, Captiva, FL 33924

Hours of Operation:
5pm – 10pm daily

Visit Sunshine Cafe Website

Sunshine Café is casual but finer dining, offering a nice selection of wines.

Captiva Island Pizza
11513 Andy Rosse Lane, Captiva, FL 33924

Hours of Operation:
4pm – 9pm daily

Visit Captiva Island Pizza’s Website

Latté Da Coffee Shop & Deli (Located at the Captiva Island Inn)
11508 Andy Rosse Lane, Captiva, FL 33924

Hours of Operation:
7:30am – 10pm daily
Visit Latté Da’s Website

Serving Queenies Homemade Ice Cream and Seattles Best Coffee.

captiva island live music
Keylime Bistro on Captiva Island
Captiva cafe for seafood
Captiva Island Pizza on Captiva Island
Latte da Coffee on Captiva Island

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